Our Mission

Over the last two decades God has done a remarkable, significant and life transforming work at WVAC. We have witnessed changed lives, people released into ministry, people with needs restored and encouraged into new directions. People from many backgrounds come and be blessed and then move on to other cities and countries as God works in their lives. People from differing cultures and backgrounds have gained new depths in their relationship with Jesus by growing and serving as God matures and develops them in the likeness of Christ.

Like any local church we also have our challenges and opportunities. Our desire at WVAC is to continue to be used by God as “blessed people who are to be a blessing;” to be seen as God’s people, and heard as God’s people, with a message of hope to all those around us. By God’s grace we have been strong in these areas, Biblical teaching, serving one another and Overseas Missions.

Our primary mission: To Make Disciples.

Our desire is to encourage the church into our community to serve others and share the Gospel through our personal and our combined webs of influence.

We are called to honour God and serve our Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage each other toward Christian maturity by obedience to the Word of God and by discovering and using our spiritual gifts to impact our community and the world with the message of the Gospel.

Everyone has a mission. It’s what gives our lives purpose and what motivates us to roll out of bed each morning. In WVAC, we are all about being on God's mission, and our mission is to fulfill His command on this earth – to share His life changing message – the Gospel.

We are people of action. We know that completing our mission successfully requires a healthy blend of “being” and “doing”.


Devoting ourselves to prayer and immersion in His Word radically transforms us. God is building His community of faith. As a part of that community we want to go deeper in our relationships, to know Him as our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King, and also deeper in our relationships with our local community of faith.


Motivated by our love for Jesus, we are compelled to serve Him, to serve and reach our community and share the Gospel – the power of God to salvation.

Both of these are needed for our lives to be balanced and effective.

To Get Connected with God

We believe that God’s instrument to complete this mission is His Church. People matter to God and they matter to us too. In the age of the celebrity preacher and the globalchurch.com, the local church remains the engine room of ministry.

We want to follow God in his unique God-given vision, to build up the local church, to disciple believers, to minister to one another, and

We want to follow God in his unique God-given vision to serve and reach our community.

We are committed to build up believers and be a dynamic and healthy local church that is radically devoted to Christ, committed to each other, and actively reaching outside of God’s family with the Gospel of Christ.

Building Hope One Life at a Time through encouraging:

H   Healthy Relationships with God and with Others.

O   Outreach Focus Mission.

P   Praise and Worshipping Community.

E   Engaging Empowering people for Ministry.


These are essential elements to being a healthy and balanced community of believers involved in mission.

We live this call together.