Adopt a Box - Operation Christmas Child

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5 September, 2021

We have a limited number of Operation Christmas Child boxes available to for you to "adopt" for the cost of $20. You can pay for them by clicking on the ADOPT A BOX button below. These are a great option for those whose movements are impacted by the current COVID regulations or who are unable to shop online. You can see what items are provided in the attached PDF

Alternatively, you can shop online yourself and the items delivered to you directly. We've included a shopping guide so you can make sure you source all the items needed for a shoebox. Ann has also provided a list of items you can order through Kmart, but where you shop is totally up to you!

Once you've completed your shopping, let us know how many boxes you need by clicking on the button below and we will set some aside for you

You have until the 14th November to get your boxes in so start packing! We will be dedicating the Christmas boxes at our return to in person services on the 14th November 2021. You will be able to drop your boxes off at the church on Saturday 13th November between 3pm - 4pm.


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The Sounds of Seagulls

If you have ever had a picnic by the sea and been surrounded by seagulls, you know the sound this image evokes!

Seagulls can get seriously cranky!

They squawk and throw their heads back, act menacing and try to keep the other gulls away! It’s very unattractive!

Lately I have been squawking and stomping (and even cussing a little) and trust me it’s not attractive either!

Let’s be honest, the last few years have been horrid! We all have tales to tell of grief, sorrow, disappointment and uncertainty even if they are not the same!

Mine have included a broken arm, a dental procedure gone terribly wrong, a few emergency hospital visits, a gallbladder removed, some ambulance rides, losing my faithful dog, being riddled with tropical parasites, losing far too much weight (yes it’s a thing!) unable to eat properly…. and I haven’t even started on COVID related issues! Missing out on a mission trip and a long planned holiday, not being able to visit my kids and new grandson, having my sons wedding postponed…. The list is long!

Yesterday I was feeling especially annoyed with this most recent chapter of life, when God reminded me to not look within but to look up! Just when I was ready to throw myself an amazing pity party (admit it, you know the ones I mean) God called me to praise Him! I really do have so much to be thankful for!

Okay, so I can’t eat nuts or meat or eggs or cheese or even chocolate but I can eat all kinds of fruit and veg! And lots of it! Although I can’t see my kids in person I can call them on the phone and video chat! I have a warm house and a soft bed! I am blessed with an incredible husband … and best of all I know my Jesus and He knows me!

Life may be tough and this recent season may be painful but instead of a pity party, let us make a decision to throw a praise party! Jesus is still Lord of all and you can trust Him all the way!

We are called to rejoice always and pray with thanksgiving in all situations. In fact we are told when we do this, we will know the peace of God… so what are you thankful for?

Why not read Phil 4:4-7 and make a praise list!