Safe Ministry Training

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In partnership with Safe Ministry Check, we are making sure that all our volunteers are up to date with the important issues related to working with children and vulnerable people. We believe it is an integral part of the culture of our church.

We ask all our volunteers to do the following;

  • Read the Volunteers Guide
  • Complete the Volunteer Application Form
  • Apply/hold a WWVP Card
  • Sign the Code of Conduct Form
  • Complete the online Safe Ministry Training

If you want to Volunteer here at The Alliance Church, contact us in the office either in person or via email at after which someone will be in touch with you to arrange an interview.

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The Deacons oversee the day to day running of the church, such as looking after the property and church finances. They are elected for a one year term at our AGM. They are:

- Rhonda Brennan (Chair)

- Hannah Hildebrandt (Secretary)

- Mike Prunty (Treasurer)

- Josh Vear

- Peter Burns

- Joe Ree

- Ps Ben Betz (Ex Officio)



Our Elders oversee the Spiritual needs of the church. They are elected for a 3 year term at our AGM. They are:

- Andrew Muir (Chair)

- Luke Behrendorff

- Nick Mogensen

- Craig Woodburn

- Alberto Memme

- Ps Andrew Edwards (ex officio)

- Ps Ben Betz (ex officio)