Who wants to be a Millionaire - Easter Part 2

17 April, 2022 Ps Ben Betz

News 5 April, 2022

Celebrate with us this Easter

Events 26 May, 2022 @ 6:00 PM

The Dawning - A Silent Retreat

26th - 29th May

The Dawning is a guided silent retreat, for both men and women, to help them to connect more deeply to God. It is a wonderful opportunity to cocoon yourself away from the world and wrap yourself in the presence of God.

Each day is heralded by daybreak and the dawning of light to dispel the darkness. It is in the dawning of a day we see things more clearly, can begin afresh and start anew. God speaks frequently about ushering in new seasons, both literally and figuratively, into peoples lives, for restoration is a significant characteristic of God at work. This retreat will create an opportunity for people to step into a new season with God with greater clarity, conviction and confidence.

This retreat will take place at the Jamberoo Abbey and will mostly be a silent retreat. There will be a small section each day to gain some fresh insights, have some teaching and be gently guided to a place of peace.

There will be opportunities to attend the services in the chapel and there will also be activities to help you unwind, rest in God and focus on Him.

Helen Betz will be coordinating and hosting this event. Helen is known for her insightful teaching, passion for God and the gentle way she leads others to connect with God.

Each person will have their own private room, with a shared bathroom and all linen is provided.

All activities and meals are included in the cost.

This retreat is limited to just 12 people.

So come away to begin a fresh season with Jesus dawning into your life.

Please note, all attendees must be fully vaccinated to attend and be symptom free as the convent is also home to many elderly nuns who live on site. These are government requirements which we must adhere to in order to run our retreat.