Genesis Discipleship and Formation 2024

Registrations are now open!

Genesis Spiritual Formation with the Alliance Church in Woden Valley is a unique opportunity for you to discover more about who you are, to expand your faith and study God’s Word, especially in the context of your own personal faith journey. This program is about creating a safe community where people can explore faith in God, study together and personally grow. We are passionate about seeing people have a rich and real relationship with God.

Practical components for SF include: meeting once a month as part of group to share and learn, having a mentor (minimum of 10 hours supervision over the year), being part of the local church, and attending 3 spiritual retreats. You will also have to complete a couple of reflective assignments.


Option 1: Not studying with The Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) = $2,850 all inclusive

Option 2: With ACOM units = $1,450 (Plus ACOM unit fees paid directly to ACOM. You may be eligible for Fee Help.)

For more information, download the flyer and application forms.

Applications close Friday 12th January 2024


Discovery Internship 2024

Registrations Now Open!

An internship program with Alliance Church Woden Valley is a unique opportunity for you to explore and discover more about who you are, to expand your faith, develop your gifts and to find out what serving in your local church, local community and in a missional context is all about.

Often we have a desire to serve God but are unsure where, when or how. This internship program has been designed to offer you a wide range of opportunities to discover, sample, learn, and explore who God has created and called you to be. You will be able to immerse yourself in the local church in some key ministry areas and at the same time, connect with the community in a number of ways and also look at serving cross culturally. The whole internship program has been designed so you will be able to gain valuable experience, be challenged, stretched, nurtured and encouraged to grow as you serve God intentionally for a period of 18 months.

Our Discovery Internship Program is open to people who are over the age of 18 years, are committed to growing in their faith, developing their spiritual gifts and serving the Kingdom of God.

There are 2 options in the journey:

Be part of the Discovery Internship Program AND study an Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry with ACOM (Australian College of Ministries)


Join our Discovery Internship Program AND be enrolled in some form of formal training which could be used in Ministry. Eg Family Counselling, Bible College, Social Work, Nursing, graphic design, video production, music etc.

Discovery Internship: Feb 2024 – July 2025.

Meeting: Mondays 9am - 3pm during school terms only.

Start date: Mon 5th Feb 2024.

Four weekend retreats spread out over 18 months. One 2 week Mission trip mid 2025 (Trip location confirmed late 2024).

Cost: $5,500 when completing the Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry with ACOM (unit fees are additional to the Internship fees and paid directly to ACOM).

$8,000 when studying elsewhere (not with ACOM).

Download a copy of the Discovery Internship Info Pack for more information and to apply for the 2024 intake.

This training pathway is provided in partnership with the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM). ACOM is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity (A University College) who offer internationally recognised higher education awards.

Study with ACOM is Austudy & Fee-Help approved through the Sydney College of Divinity, for students who meet the Australian Government criteria. Visit for details.